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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  July 14, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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and with immune therapy we've had such a positive result. i'm back to working hard. i've honestly never felt this great. i believe the future of immunotherapy at ctca is very bright. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more at appointments available now. now at noon, a second man is in police custody in connection with the murders of four missing young men, how at alleged killer confession, led police to a possible accomplice. and, it is latest revelation in the disturbing case that has captivated the entire nation. good afternoon aim jan carabao , rahel solomon is off. i'm jim donovan. investigators are working to identify three of four victims whose remains were found buried in the bucks county
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farm. anita oh is live outside bucks county courthouse with what we have learned about the possible accomplice, good afternoon, anita. >> reporter: good afternoon. that man according to sources is 20 year-old shawn crats, authorities believe that the two men used construction equipment to bury four young men who have been missing since last week. this comes after cosmo dinardo confessed to participating in all four murders, and told investigators that he had a co conspirator. we have just saw bucks county district attorney matthew weintraub arrive here in doyletown, but staying tied lipped until a press conference scheduled for this afternoon. dinardo commented briefly to "eyewitness news" cameras, on yesterday. >> what do you have to say to these families, cosmo, are you sorry. >> i'm sorry. >> as authorities, led him away in handcuffs, dinardo apologized to the families of the four young men that he said, he killed.
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dinardo reportedly told authorities everything, including where to find bodies of the 19 year-old jimi patrick, 21 year-old tom meo and 22-year old mark sturgis. authorities discovered body of 19 year-old dean finocchiaro, buried 12 feet underground, on the sole bring farm owned by dinardo's parents. source told ap that the dinardo killed the men and burned their bodies after feeling cheated after three drug transactions but die nard owe's attorney paul lange has not yet made motive clear. >> that will come out in time. it is not appropriate for me out of respect for families that we did communicate that right now. he confessed to his participation and commission in the murders of the four young men. in exchange for that confession, mr. dinardo was promised by the district attorney that he will spare his life by not invoking the
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death penalty. >> reporter: again, we have learned from source that is 20 year-old thawn kratz is in custody as a possible accomplice connect to the murders of those four young men missing since last week, and kratz does have a previous record including retail theft, charges we expected to learn more about at a press conference scheduled at 2:00 this afternoon. we're live from doyletown anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> anita, thank you. as anita mentioned we will bring you that news conference live this afternoon at 2:00 p.m. right here on cbs-3 as our coverage of this murder mystery continues on line at cbs through can find new developments around the clock. turning to weather now, it is a wet friday across the region and we are tracking storms. cbs-3 meteorologist katie fehlinger joins us live with a look at when and where the war of it will hit, katie. >> i think the war of it is still waiting and really not until afternoon, early evening that we will get in on the stronger of the stormy weather
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we are expecting before the day is said and done but this is the day where it all, just, culminates and by tomorrow, we're actually going to end up with nice weather. for now though we're certainly being dealt a steamy, very stormy hand. now, taking you out to just here a tri-state sweep here on storm scan three. the war and most heavy of the soaking rain is currently up in our area back toward berks county but still very heavy rain build ago cross central and north central, pennsylvania, also some lightening indicated on doppler right there. meanwhile as we put things in motion we will look at three hour loop we have had round of rain rolling through in the last couple of hours. we have already had now two round, over philadelphia, it itself, most of the round of the rain started off strong through central and eastern pennsylvania and then they have dissipated as they crept closer to the city and pointse of that. in the meantime is there expectation that more heavy rain is on the way, flash flood watch is now posted for all of these counties shaded in that sea foam green area, the southwest area of
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philadelphia is included there in the meantime before more rain gets here, we're off to a very steamy start this afternoon. technically temperature is 76 at the airport. made to feel warmer further south you go, however since we do just have high dew point toss work w so again more stormy weather is still waiting for us. we will washing you through the details of the impacts we will see from those storms later on, jim? >> thanks, katie. in other news this noon violence at one of the most holiest sites in israel, two israeli officer are dead after gunman opened fire, deadly gunfight caught on, camera with the cell phone 36789 palestinian gunman were killed in the shoot-out. police say gunman opened fire on the officers near a place that jews called temple mount and muslims know as noble sanctuary. >> three terrorists used an automatic weapon and a knife in and around the area, police units responded, all three terrorists were shot and
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killed. >> control of the site has long been source of tension between muslims and israelis. no one has claimed responsibility but palestinian islamic group hamas praised the attack has a heroic operation. federal judge in hawaii loosens certain restrictions on president trump's travel ban, u.s. district judge derek watson ordered the government not to enforce the ban on grant parents, grandchildren, brothers in law, sisters in law, aunts, uncles, knees, nephews and cousins of people in the united states, judge watson says grandparents are epitome of close family members, the u.s. supreme court will hear arguments on the travel ban in october. well, new information is coming out about a june 2016 meeting with president trump's son, donald trump junior. >> he have males show meeting was set up with the intent to get damaging information with hillary clinton that came directly from the russian government. seth lemon is at the white house with the details. >> reporter: there are new
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revelation about who attend aid meeting with donald trump junior at trump tower last year. we have learned donald trump, junior, paul manafort and jared kushner weren't only people in the room with the russian lawyer, a russian american lobbyist, alleged to be a former soviet spy, confirms to the associated press he was there, as well. >> i think jared kushner ought to resign. >> reporter: senator blumenthal is calling for kushner's resignation saying it is inappropriate for someone in the white house to attend that meeting. >> he apparently concealed the meeting, that is harmful to our national security. >> reporter: cbs news confirms kushner had to update his security clearance forms three times, and he added more than 100 names of meetings with foreign contacts during the election and transition, after initially saying that he had no such meetings. he only added this lawyer's name on the final update. senate intelligence committee members say kushner and donald trump junior will be called to testify, but first, they are
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requesting documents from both men. >> we feel it is very important that we have all of the appropriate information so we can ask the right questions >> reporter: kushner's attorney says he will cooperate win investigators. seth lemon for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". president trump is heading home after two day visit to paris. he and first lady attended a military parade to mark french national holiday of bastille day, u.s., french jets flew over paris as a sign of unity and solders from both nations marched along the champs-elysees. bastille day falls on the 100t h anniversary of u.s. joining allied forces in world war one. new jersey lawmakers want to make sure state employees get paid for time that they were furloughed during the state's governmental shut down state senate unominously passed the plan yesterday and governor chris christie says he plans to sign off on it. state assembly will vote first senators say funding is already in the state budget so
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it won't cost taxpayers anymore money. a strike at philadelphia international airport continues, at this hour, as contractors for american airlines fight to have their unions recognized. hundreds of the attendants and handlers who work for prime flight and prospect are protesting what they say is refusal by their employers to recognize the newly formed labor unions. employees voted to form unions this pennsylvania spring but co won't negotiate a contract. well, coming up on "eyewitness news" at noon, it is creamy, delicious but may not be that good for you. >> um-hmm. >> what a new report shows about the ingredient in macaroni and cheese and why children may be particularly at risk. how do politicians, let off steam? well in, taiwan apparently by throwing things and pushing each other, see more of this parliament brawl when "eyewitness news"
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♪ start with the good and watch good flow ♪ ♪ good goes around and around and around hey! ♪ ♪ good goes around good goes around and around and around. hey! ♪ welcome back. alfred angelo gown customers are stunned to learn the sudden closing of the stores. >> alfred angelo stores began closing yesterday, as part of the plan to have bankruptcy but they left many bride in the lurch, without gowns. they have already paid for. some customers, were lucky though to get their gowns, but the future daughter in law, sidney neil, wasn't so lucky. >> this is supposed to be a very important day in her life and one of the most memorable
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and now, there is a lot of anxiety, uncertainty involved with the dress. >> and, brides are not only won affected, stores sold bride made gowns and accessories too, customers tried to call the customer service for information but they are unable to get through to them. a new report is raising questions about chemicals found in foods, particularly the cheese powder used in macaroni and cheese products. don champion reports from dallas. >> reporter: the report funded by four advocacy groups say common chemicals known as chemicals in macaroni and cheese and other cheese products. >> findings are not surprising or inconsistent with unfortunately increasing literature that it is documented that will late usually getting into and staying in, especially dairy products. >> reporter: that you willates are chemicals used to make plastics, salt and can get into food during processing
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and disrupt hormones in the body and could effect developing brains of children. doctor leonardo, at nyu land ville medical center said his research has shown a link between this chemical and increasing in blood pressure and resist tense to insulin in children. while it is difficult to avoid the chemical, the doctor says that simple steps can reduce your exposure. >> eating fresh fruits and vegetables in particular is a great way to avoid contact with the food packaging, in the first place. >> reporter: experts say don't microwave in plastic, heat can cause chemical to seep into your food, also, don't use the dishwasher for plastics, glass and stainless style containers as good alternatives for storage and if a plastic or glassies damage, toss it. don champion for "eyewitness news". >> someone need to tell him to fix his hair. it is hanging out there.
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fist where is flying in the japan parliament and mala was caught on camera, that was caught on camera. crazy stuff. love it. the brawl was between ruling, opposition lawmakers and erupted when one side criticized budget proposals from the other side, and members were tackling each other and throwing punches, and no word on injuries. yes, you are watching adults in government, in action. >> you are on a roll today. >> it is friday. >> oh, my gosh. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" wet start to the weekend could be much worse. >> this is what people are dealing with in the midwest cars submerged, people trapped in their homes, we will tell you where worse of it was, coming up, katie. >> that is also to keep in mind, folks our weekend watch really does get better from here. once we get pennsylvania today , we are going to be paid back in a nice way not only is it quiet weather but lower humidity, seasonal highs in the 80's, so a nice summer july weekend for us here, with
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sunshine, all day long, for a change, how long does that pattern last, however? that is the question, i'll have the seven day forecast i'll answer after the
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part of wisconsin is under a state of emergency as much of the midwest deals with severe flooding, high waters may have stranded people on road in, their homes, flooding in burlington, wisconsin threatened a damage cut power to nearly every business. much of the midwest flood warnings extend throughout, this weekend. i know we're watching storms but do we need to be aware of flooding. >> we at this point will need to think bit. we showed you earlier in the show flash flood watch has been issued lasting until
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midnight for southwestern half of the region and philadelphia is included in that. we could get doused here. we had a couple round of rain roll through earlier this morning. anything else we do find out there is certainly going to cause some headaches. i know we just want to get weekend started without any problems. you have to keep in mind these storms could be quite dicey, toward the typical evening rush hour. lets just get out there and start off with storm scan three to recap here, all this is coming courtesy of a cold front, this is catalyst that will finally send us back into some more pleasant territory but we have to deal with the clash in the atmosphere, get that out of the way, before we can expect nice weather to come witt. so, it is still very steamy outside, you'll fine round of soaking showers and thunderstorms, right now riding right along or south of i80 but more will fire up in that southern branch. lets talk about that flash flood watch one more time southwestern half of the delaware valley, including filed a, it runs until midnight for round of heavy rain which could produce
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locally two to 4 inches of additional rain. that would lead to flooding. if you run into poor drainage, bottom of the hill or off ramp or just, you know, to the creeks and streams that tend to flood out of the banks regularly, those are the areas where you'll fine war taking place. if you know maybe your street is prone to this don't be shocked if it end up happening from the round of rain coming through. severe weather threat is still quite real, however and we are seeing that slight risk, as far north as parts of the lehigh county, so once more a day, another severe weather risk and to me it looks like primaries being will be heavy downpours, gusty wind, frequent lightening which we will get to in a second. let's focus on when things actually happen. here we sit at noon time. i'm not crazy thousand initial ized but still a good guide, we will take a look forward here, and what you'll find, little lull in the action. very likely some of you break out into some sunshine. that will be helpful for a stronger thunderstorm to get
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going here. once this moves in five or 6:00 p.m., summer fest in even if inningsville i know they have a backup plan for rain for summer fest festivities but keep in mind there could be wet weather to deal w if this end up verifying we're talking blinding downpours over montgomery county or thereabouts, toward 6:00 p.m. tonight. so we really need to keep an eye on the radar. lauren will have her hand for for five and 6:00 o'clock shows tonight. check in with her if you have to be somewhere but then things do clear out in the early tomorrow morning and we will be left with beautiful weather, just wait, get through today with the downpours, wind issues, lightening, hail cannot rule it out. i cannot rule out tornado but that is still a very low risk, even lower then hail threat today so that is good. outside here, where we ended up with the tornado warning outside on the bernville area in berks county 72 degrees, incredibly muggy, one thing that has changed here today is temperature. you are not talking mid 90's
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like we had yesterday. we are only held back to oh, say mid 80's at best, for daytime highs. that is even below average but still so steamy, but promised you nice weather, it comes along saturday, sunday look just awesome, warm, but still july. >> yes. >> looks great. >> thanks, katie, appreciate it. it is friday, you know what that means. cbs-3 is out and about for summer if he to day we are in phoenixville gearing up for blob fest. >> checking out phoenixville we have explored the schuylkill river trail. the trail is widely used since its completion in april, that was in 2015, thousands of people each month walk, ride, hike the path ways, even kyack on the river, count me in, another benefit is becoming an economic driver for phoenixville downtown businesses. >> the communities that have really thrived around the trail, you know, if you first look at manayunk, conshohocken
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, and then now phoenixville the trail goes in and the development and the economic benefit arise around it. >> now that trail starts in philadelphia and travels, 26 miles, stretch to phoenixville. >> we will have more on the trail, and so much more, when we broadcast live from phoenixville, later today on "eyewitness news" at five, six and 11:00. we will celebrate blob if he and everything else the town has to offer so be sure to tune in for the summer if he fun, later today at 5:00. then check this out on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 a summer fest surprise, meteorologist kate bilo from phoenixville has been out on maternity leave for six weeks, we are catching up to see how little, saline is doing now and how kate is feeling after a health care land heard in the hospital. that is tonight on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. we
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a day on the job took an unexpect turn, for an arizona police officer when they took a huge runaway tortoise in custody. >> of course, tortoise didn't runaway but officers say somehow it got separated from its owner, they rescued it but they have yet to find its owner. hopefully they will. that is "eyewitness news" at noon, aim jim donovan. aim jan carabao. for katie and all of us here thanks for watchingy bet meisha would take it in. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00.
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